I’m taking this weekend off, but of course when are artists ever on vacation, right?  I find myself constantly milling over ideas and designs in my head, feeling like my body is constantly behind my thoughts because I can’t keep up and fulfill all my zany ideas.  Sometimes my husband does a little whimper to get my attention because he knows my mind is just somewhere else!  I’ve found it easy to fill up a sketchbook full of to do’s, but quickly realized how much harder it is to really focus and follow through to the end.  Sometimes you have a great project that pulls you in unexpectedly, but it can all fizzle out just as quickly.

My thoughts this week circle around the topic of focus.  Everyone says I’ve got to get serious, focus and find that one thing I’m supposed to do and then go do it at full force.  Hmm…I’m not sure I know how to focus properly because I have a bit of ADD and jump from project to project – idea to idea.  Every artist has a signature style, right?  Perhaps I can’t focus because I don’t know what to focus on?  I also don’t want to pay attention to only one thing so much that I’m missing out on the big picture.  What techniques do you use to help yourself focus?  Or is it really necessary to focus on one thing or can I just go all out and say it’s simply my way to be all over the board?

Focus…maybe I just need a new pair of glasses…

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