I hope everyone had a happy new year and a bit of downtime from work. There’s so much to look forward to in a new year and I’m feeling really excited and buzzing with energy. As I look forward into 2011 I’ve thought about my one word for the year and believe that overall the word focus…well, will┬ábe my focus! There are so many things I want to accomplish, but in the end it’s all about focusing my efforts to get the proper balance and actually get things done. I’m often all over the place, starting projects and ideas left and right. I’ve gotten into the habit of writing ideas into an idea journal, but often they just get stuck there because we never have enough time, right? Although it’s great to follow those spurts of inspiration when they appear…it’s still important to have guidelines and goals towards specific success points and milestones. It doesn’t mean there’s no room for fun and play…but at the end of the day you eventually have to take steps towards your destination, otherwise you aren’t getting anywhere.

Looking back at 2010, I’m quite proud of the series and longer projects that I’ve been able to follow through with. That’s why I think focus is so important. I’ll just have to learn to shelve ideas when they conflict with existing schedules and get back to them later when I’m not so inspired…instead of loafing around during those periods and letting myself fall oh-so out of focus!

These first days of the new year, I’ve been going through all my blogs and preparing to clean my mailing lists. I want each website as specific as possible and at some point to give everything a facelift. For each blog, I’ve set my specific goals, so there’s a guideline to follow by. Here on tortagialla it’s been the most difficult because it’s a bit of everything. Just my generally artsy crafty life, but I have admit the whole point is to create work, get more work and ultimately be a licensed artist. I’ve been doing so much research on art licensing, but it’s definitely time to take bigger actions. This is my year…I can feel it! So on tortagialla I will have to hold myself accountable by posting work – meaning I have to get it done and ready to show off. This means specifically my art licensing collections as I get my portfolio together. Obviously other crafty projects and ideas will pop up along the way, but that has to be the focus if I want to be taken seriously and become a licensed artist. I know I can do it and so that is what I will work towards.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this blog and my other websites(BackToPaper, JustGraphic, AndFeeling). I really do appreciate it so much and love all the inspiration and virtual camaraderie I receive by participating in this WWW of artists, designers, bloggers and creative souls in general. Grazie! Have a fabulous and focused 2011!

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