Happy Monday everyone! I know it’s not the first time I’ve talked about getting into focus and really concentrating on what I need to accomplish. However, this past week of working solely on important projects and getting through the deadlines really helped me to realize how all the effort pays off. Talk about realizing what’s normal for most people who get anything done in this world! You have to focus on your task, make a plan and go do it, duh! I suppose it’s easier said than done (another, duh!) but I think for artists it’s harder because we don’t feel that “forcing it” works. If you don’t have inspiration or your muse is asleep, how can you get your artwork done? Or can you?

Contrary to popular fantasy beliefs, professional artists do have deadlines and really work at it whether the muse shows up for work or not. Ask the professionals and they will surely admit to slower days and difficult times. However, they have to work through it – like anyone else who has a job. You just have to keep at it, otherwise nothing will get done in the end. It must be a natural human characteristic to procrastinate as well. I’ve realized that I have so many interests and plans for the future, but scrambling from one thing to the next really just chokes up the whole process. I’ll end up with a million in progress things and nothing finalized. Multi-tasking is NOT more productive! Although, I like to work on different things – there has to be a happy medium in my schedule. So I’m going to focus on project by project, giving myself deadlines. Even if I end up with a prototype version of something because of the deadline, I would have at least gotten that far. It’s better than saying, one day…I’ll get to it one day! When is that one day going to be? Focus…plan…succeed!

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