I wanted to point everyone to Lia’s story, something that my bloggie friend Gretchen (juneatnoon) brought to my attention.

I know it can so heartbreaking to hear of unhappy circumstances. We can never understand why this happens or make sense of it all. Personally, I have such a hard time dealing with these types of realities, because I am constantly searching to understand, make sense and put things in their “place” in my mind. But we all know that life doesn’t work that way and we can’t understand everything. Regardless of the unfortunate circumstances, when I looked through the website, I saw joy and love in the photos of Lia. Despite everything, there is still goodness and happiness to be experienced. That is what I choose to focus on and I think it can be so inspiring. I suppose that is why I love scrapbooking so much… even difficult stories, because there is so much goodness to remember and celebrate… even if there is pain.

I decided to donate some little pieces of art for the benefit of Lia, because I immediately thought of my girls with a message illustrations… namely Be Brave and Be Strong. Some magnets and keychains will be at their upcoming art auction, so help out if you can – whether it’s donating or buying something at the auction. I hope that my little contribution can help to bring a smile, a little bit of happiness and love. It’s not much, but it’s something.

You can find my girls with a message illustrations in my Zazzle shop and this experience is making me think about my artwork differently. More and more I am wanting to offer them as printables, to spread them far and wide for joy…for love. I feel like they need to be out there in the world. It’s not about keeping them for me and my benefit, one way or another. I created the first set of girls a while ago and they haven’t done much good with me staring at them. Lots of thoughts in my mind. More to come… and thank you all for listening.

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