It’s a cold day and I wasn’t feeling so into scrapbooking another page. The prompt for LOAD didn’t spark anything either – one of those days. I could have scrapped about my school days, since I don’t have kids…but really wasn’t feeling it. I turned to my ongoing projects instead and created an opening page for my love letters album.

Still very simple and clean, but gasp – no sewing today! I enjoyed using the pink background paper from my designs in my CatScrap shop – a different kind of look with the grey cardstock. But my favorite little bit is the punched heart with the word sticker “letters” in the corner.

Guess I couldn’t help but add a bright red heart! LOL. Not to mention those October Afternoon stickers, tags, and quotes are super useful.

This page will be going into an album I recently started, to keep the cards and letters my husband and I give each other.

Journaling reads:

It is never easy to put your feelings into words. The mystery and magic of human emotion can never be completely described or understood. Those deep feelings and gut reactions bubble up naturally – seemingly beyond translation. However, the difficulty of such a task has never stopped us from attempting to express our love and devotion, time and time again. We all have our own way of demonstrating our most tender affections and if only a part of what we feel can be communicated, I believe that is worth the effort. The thought does count and we are understood in some way. In the process of trying to comprehend one another, we add our own emotions to the equation. We react and feed off of each other. Sometimes it’s a chaotic mix, but always beautiful and true. Even the simplest, most direct proclamation serves a purpose. Our emotional declarations mean so much, even if we can’t express in words how much… here is a record of our exchanges… our love…

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