Keep positive reminders all around using this free art printable quote to decorate and brighten up your living spaces – Create Don’t Hate!

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My Design Motivations

Intolerance of any kind seems to be a common problem when you flip through news outlets these days. It’s such a horrible thing, yet we all do it to some degree or another. Judgement of others, rejection of others… or even ourselves!

I want to create something positive and happy to share with you all, so I though the phrase “Create, don’t hate” would be perfect. Because truly, it all comes down to that.

Hate just doesn’t serve us at all… it’s the root of so many problems in our society. Rather, whatever issues may be, it’s creation that will help us find the way. Find solutions, think creatively, make love… all that good stuff. Create!

I know that I’m just a little designer at her desk, tackling the everyday issues of life – like many of you! With all the big issues of this world, it seems impossible to make change. But really, all we have to do is concentrate on creation. Create beautiful things, joyful things, happy things… good things. The more creation there is, the more it will weed out all the other negative stuff – or at least, help to overpower it!

So that’s what this art printable is all about. A simple graphic design with my favorite colors. You can download this letter sized printable to put up all around you house, workplace, planners, art journals – or plaster it up all over the neighborhood!

I hope it will remind you to look towards the positive in life and make you realize you CAN do something. Just create!

Download Free Art Printable Create Don’t Hate

Create Don't Hate FREE art printable on #freeprintable #artprintable #printablewallart

Enjoy this free printable! You can find me on Instagram as @tortagialla  and my Facebook art page is here.

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