Looking for a happy lemon scrapbook paper design? Check out this cute lemon pattern design, a totally free download for all your crafty paper projects.

Free Lemon Scrapbook Paper download on tortagialla.com

We’ve all heard that quote about life… lemons… and making lemonade, right? Even though it’s totally cliche, it truly is great advice, right? I mean, you’ve just got to make the best of whatever you’ve got. There’s no sense in being a grump, because it just doesn’t help the situation. I love the sentiment and try to remind myself all the time…

And so as I was pondering this topic one day, I decided to create a lemon leaf repeat pattern. Super simple and straightforward, but truly packed with so much meaning. The lemon is a motif that has so much packed into it… I love it! Plus, I love yellow. Hah!

So I made this very bright and happy yellow lemon patterned paper design, which you can download completely for free below. No strings attached as always.

free lemon paper for free download on tortagialla.com

Download 12×12 paper JPG here


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