Looking for versatile free printable cards? Check out this cute girl drawing design that makes a great everyday blank notecard.

Free printable cards - Cute Girl drawing design for notecards

Today I wanted to share this cute girl drawing I created in the form of a printable notecard. This is a black and white design that is easy for anyone to print at home. Just print actual size and cut your paper in half. Then you can fold and have two notecards ready to use.

The great thing about this free printable cards design is that you can color it yourself and customize to your own needs. For the minimalist in all of us, use it plain, because it’s the message inside that really matters.

If you are more DIY and papercrafty, try decorating and embellishing the cards up. You can also make a crafternoon out of it with your kids, letting them color up a bunch of notecards to stash as ready-made stationery.

I hope you will enjoy using this design, because I’m always doodling up little girls, seems to be my default doodle!

Download the free notecard design PDFs below, just choose your preferred paper size.

Download Cute Girl Drawing Notecards A4 PDF
Download Cute Girl Drawing Notecards LETTER PDF

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