Free Printable // Monthly Habit Tracker //

We all have busy lives and a million thoughts rushing around up in the noggin’ – so it’s really not uncommon to actually forget to do important daily tasks.

We all want to get a lot done, but it’s another thing to actually check off ALL the tasks on your ginormous to do list.

I’ve personally always had trouble keeping consistent on daily tasks and forming lifelong habits. I might get on for a stretch, but then I literally just forget and that triggers a downward spiral.

Hmm, maybe I need to actually form more habits, right? I’ve learned that to build a habit, you need a trigger that sparks you to do the thing and then you have to give yourself a reward to reinforce the habit.

I know, sounds like dog training, but I guess if it works, it’s all good!

So I created a monthly habit tracker to help myself with my habit building. It’s a great way to make a list that you can use as a reminder, as well as check off day by day, so you get that satisfaction as well.

But it’s not really about generating and keeping a stack of filled out habit trackers – I mean, unless you like that kind of thing!

It’s really about the process of making your list each month and giving yourself the time to evaluate what you consider important enough to actually make into a habit.

And it’s great if you crush it every day and get that perfect attendance award, but it’s also okay to realize at the end of the month that maybe some items on your wish list aren’t that important after all. Or maybe you need to focus on a smaller set of items to begin with.

I think a habit tracker is a great way to keep working on positive change in your life and to keep a running list of habit “experiments.” Consider it an experiment to see if it truly sticks for your lifestyle.

You can use this free printable monthly habit tracker to get mindful about your daily actions and what you are working towards in life. I hope it helps you to build amazing habits and reach your ultimate goals!

Download the monthly habit tracker by scrolling down below and clicking the link of your preferred paper size, LETTER or A4.

Monthly Habit Tracker

Click here to Download Habit Tracker LETTER PDF

Click here to Download Habit Tracker A4 PDF

For your personal use and feel free to share on social media with friends as well. Have a lovely habit-filled day!