free printable little blooms stationery set

This year, I’m determined to share even more of my work in the form of printables. I create a lot of artwork in my journals, but they often sit there for all time, in unfinished form. But even the simplest idea can be transformed into a finished work of art and that’s why I wanted to share this little blooms stationery set with you.

These little bloom doodles come from my journal and I took the extra steps to digitize them into Illustrator to create a repeating pattern. With a few splash of color, I was able to create this cute printable stationery set – pretty cool, huh?

Although it’s not the most groundbreaking design work in the world, I know it still a lovely piece of stationery that you can use in your lettering writing, snail mailing and papercrafting.

The creative process is still a magical process for me, from the spark of an idea to the final steps of creating an actual finished product. You can download the free printable files in your preferred paper size via the links below.

Download Little Blooms A4 ZIP

Download Little Blooms LETTER ZIP

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