Need some pretty stationery for letter writing? Download this freebie with a cute pink  girl stationery paper featuring my little girl painting!

Free Printable Pink Girl Stationery Paper - download PDF for letter writing.

In attempts to declutter, I happened to glance through a bunch of my old drawings, watercolors and other such creative musings. I have to say it was quite nice to see all that I’ve accomplished so far, even if I still have a long way to go. It really helps to review your accomplishments and failures to see how far along you’ve really come. Along the way, I found an old acrylic painting of a little pink girl sitting on a tree branch…the first thing I painted after moving to Italy. She’s a bit disheveled and anxious looking, seemingly ready to say something – thus perfect for stationery! I thought it would be nice to share this with you as well.

Download Free Printable Pink Girl Stationery Paper PDF

20090910printablepinkgirlstationeryDownload Printable Pink Girl Stationery Paper PDF (908kb)

Go ahead and download to print and use for whatever personal letters you might have to write.  Say hello to an old friend, stick a note in your child’s lunch bag or even a love note in your husband’s wallet!

This week has been pretty busy with freelance work and finishing up a set of baby paintings. I’ll have to prep the images and share when the show happens in October.  You can say my days have a certain regular routine, but even good planning doesn’t prevent the unknown from popping up and wreaking havoc at times. The idea is to not let the bumps bother you, I think. I could so relate to a recent blog post by Marisa from Creative Thursday.  It’s all about choosing to live a simpler life and it got me thinking about how much control we really have regarding the way we live and absolutely the way we feel.

You decide how to react and handle the various events of your life, so why not choose to do it in an orderly fashion? I try to go with the flow and ride the waves as they come, as much as possible.  We all do the best that we can!  I do have to remind myself to not worry over things I don’t have control over. Stay away from toxic people and keep friends and family close.  Declutter and do happy things!  I chose this lifestyle and I equally choose to make it calm, happy and simple. Punto e basta!  Have a great day blog friends! 😛

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free printable pink girl stationery paper