vintage number tickets

If you like vintage, then you’ll definitely enjoy using these vintage number ticket, paper and stamp designs. With these high quality PNG files, you can print them, use them in digital work and/or combine them together and create your own vintage paper designs.

For many different reasons, I have a bunch of design files stored on a hard drive, rather than posted online for download. They might be old products, unfinished work or extras from other projects. These set of vintage goodies are one of those designs that I have decided to share here on the blog for free – just download below!

Download vintage number ZIP file

Feel free to use my printables and downloads for your personal use and let me know what you think! I will be brining more designs out of hibernation (as well as brand new designs) posting weekly here on the blog. So be sure to follow and sign-up for my newsletter here to keep updated. Enjoy!

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