You know those classic vintage red labels? They make great embellishments in papercrafting, but not easy to find. Download and print your own instead!

Download these free printable red labels for your journaling and labelling needs! Multiple shapes included in the free download PDF.

Recently, I was on the search for the classic red label sticker and it seems these days there are a lot of variations and fancy ornamental labels out there. But really, I just wanted to super simple and classic versions. So I thought I could just as well design them up, so here’s a printable version of the classic vintage red labels for your papercrafting pleasure.

This PDF download includes 4 pages of vintage red label designs. From the classic small rectangle label, to a larger rectangle version to a square version and finally a circle version. You can use these printable red labels for so many papercrafting ideas.

I’ve been getting into junk journaling, so created these exactly for that purpose. I think there’s something beautiful about the simplicity and boldness of the red label… so I wanted to incorporate these in my junk journal pages.

However, you can also use these printable labels for your planners, labelling items in the house as well as tags and papercrafting projects. Really the possibilities are limitless with such a classic vintage red label design.

Download Free Printable Vintage Red Labels

Below you can download the printable PDF and notice that each page contains a different shaped vintage red label design. You can print all of them or only the pages you want for your personal use.

Preview image of pages of the free printable vintage red labels PDF - on

Download Free Printable Vintage Red Labels.pdf

And if you are looking for a more modern interpretation, you can check out my previous blog post about printable pretty labels in multiple colors here.

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Free Printable Vintage Red Labels - Free download on for the classic red label in small rectangle, large rectangle, square and circle shapes.