When Friday rolls around, we usually breath a sigh of relief and look forward to a fun and relaxing weekend. Oddly enough, I no longer feel that same delight nowadays. Weekends mean more work and time to catchup, even though in the end, I never am able to catch up anyway. It’s like a false hope of having more time, only to be disappointed again when Monday rolls around. Depressing, eh!?


I finally got to thinking that most work-at-home folks probably have a completely different schedule than the mass population out there. So maybe my Fridays are really Mondays. With clients and the time zone difference, Mondays are usually slower and more relaxing for me. A new start, you know?

LTieu-sketch-2 LTieu-sketch3 LTieu-sketch4 LTieu-sketch5 LTieu-sketch6

Anyway, I wanted to share some quick sketches I’ve done here and there for the 29 faces challenge. I’m obviously out of practice and not making enough time for it all… these are just quick scrawls. But that is better than nothing for a Friday round-up.


How do you feel about Fridays?