I was listening to the latest Tranquilty Du Jour podcast about friendship… and felt a bit of melancholy. Dr. Andrea Bonior’s book, The Friendship Fix was talked about and she offered her thoughts about the friendship relationship, as opposed to the love/romantic relationships that many books focus on. It’s an interesting point, because we never think of friendship as something we might need to work on. Even though, it’s probably one of the most important types human relationships we have.

So why my gloomy state of mind? I suppose it can be easily attributed to the weather and the fact that the church bells are ringing at this very moment for a funeral. Our house is right behind the church, so I have the unfortunate privilege to know whenever there is a funeral going on. I suppose partially the year end is a gloomy time for me, as I reflect back on the year and the fact that time is fleeting. Everyone is out and about, going on with their lives and it’s as if I’m stuck here, just watching and going through the motions. I’m somewhat isolated here in Italy, although there is the Internet. Even though I’ve never been the type to be so out and about anyway, things were certainly different for me in America.

Can’t explain it logically, really. Maybe it’s just the good ‘ole blues. Or maybe it’s a case of the Mondays for Office Space fans out there, check this and this out. I’m also feeling particularly cold and just want to hibernate. Instead of all this complaining and dwelling though, I think I might go seek out friendship in a book and some organization. Putting things in order always seems to cheer me up.

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