This week has really flown by for me and every night I went to bed a bit grudgingly for want to stay awake and keep creating. I am jumping from idea to idea and rushing through at times because I can’t seem to control myself.

Perhaps inner energy is kicking to get out and making me jittery – or maybe it’s just the coffee…eek! Either way my mind is totally swirling…telling me to go and make art but in a million different directions. Forget about the world, you can go 24/7 and just follow your musings, right?

It’s funny how creativity comes and goes in waves, like we have no control. The TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert about the creative genius really comes to mind as I think about my feelings this Friday. Sometimes I feel bad when I get into a creative trance, because I’m in my own little world and shut everyone else out. My husband knows to leave me alone in these times, but I do feel bad for missing out on family time and I’m sure I must seem a bit standoffish-crazy-lady-I’m-into-my-own-thing-weird.

Sigh…I also feel a bit scattered in attempts to clean and organize my space. The process is slow and I keep getting myself sucked into past projects and ideas rediscovered. For today I’m going with my painting creative trance and following through with a vision. I see it in my mind, now I just have to execute…from blank white pages…

to colorful musings…

I hope to share more soon…I know I have the weekend to get lost into creativity. ┬áHope you have a lovely Friday!

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