Looking for gingham paper that you can print out instantly? Here’s a set of classic gingham colors for all your paper carfting projects.

Gingham Paper - Free Download on tortagialla.com of the classic colors...

Recently, I posted gingham paper printables in a pastel color palette here. Afterwards many of you wanted classic colored gingham paper as well. So I created another set of gingham digital papers to add to the collection!

My husband and I always laugh when we see the red gingham pattern out in the real world. It’s stereotypically a reminder of Italian restaurants and my husband is Italian! But it’s even more funny only because you do see it in actual Italian restaurants here in Tuscany!

So this time around, I decided to create a classic set with black, red, blue, green and orange. A decidedly more masculine color palette, these are great for everyday paper crafting projects.

Download the free black gingham paper:

Feel free to download the black and white classic gingham digital paper below. It’s free for everyone for personal use.

Black Gingham Paper Printable

This set of gingham papers has a diagonal orientation, just to shake things up. I so enjoy designing repeat patterns, so let me know if you are looking for something in particular.

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