I’ve been receiving a lot of great suggestions for my Girls With A Message illustrations. A big thank you to all for offering your comments and support! I’m working on a new set, but wanted to share the printed postcards of my favorites so far. Aren’t they lovely?

Recently I’ve been thinking long and hard about my Etsy shop. The reality is that shipping out physical items simply costs a whole lot being located here in Italy. I realize that it’s the customer that pays the shipping regardless, but is it even worth listing certain items? I wanted to offer these postcards in a set, but the shipping would be 3 euro or so… that’s almost 4 dollars for shipping alone.

This isn’t the first time I’ve blogged about postage costs. And don’t get me wrong, I think it’s amazing that we can send things anywhere in the world with relative ease. I just don’t know how to handle it for my Etsy shop and products. I’ve been wanting to get into illustration prints, but printing at home doesn’t give me the best quality, not to mention worries about damaging prints in the mail. I don’t know how others handle the issue, when the bulk of customers are out of my country. What do you think?

I’m wondering if it’s better to use print-on-demand companies to circumvent the shipment from overseas. However, I know that the handmade, person-to-person communication would be lost in that case. Which is a bit sad. Maybe I’m just obsessing over a detail…because if I had more sales, would this not be an issue? Am I thinking that shipping costs prevent people from purchasing? I don’t have the data to back any of my thoughts up at this point. So more trial and error is needed, before I can make judgement. I should probably do some research (code word for let me go surf the internet some)…

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