Today I tackled some photos I’ve been meaning to scrapbook. Sometimes I want to include so many photos… even if it might not be necessary. I realize there is no right or wrong, but when there’s too much, we lose focus. I had to choose the ones I wanted to show off the most and created this collage layout.

The design itself is super simple, I’m sort of uptight and tend to go with straight lines and grids. But I’m learning that I like to add little bits and pieces, here and there. Stickers are my favorite and I actually used some new American Crafts for the title itself, it’s a sticker…. ahh… so cute!

Also, not sure if you can see so well, but I connected my husband and I with some gel pen dotted lines. I’m really loving this doodling on photos and can probably do more when it’s all digital instead of pre-printed 4×6 photos. Note to self.

Journaling reads:

Love these photos from our trip to Marina di Alberese within the Parco Regionale della Maremma. The beach was an unexpected surprise for us – we had no idea it was there to visit. It was amazing to see the cars parked literally up to the sand amongst the trees. A beautiful discovery during one of our many little weekend/holiday road trips. I’m so thankful to have met my wonderful husband and to be able to discover Italy with him. Our little mini adventures, taking it all in, having fun, living blissfully… together. Linda + Ale ❤

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