You might have already seen some peeks, but I wanted to show y’all my big painting that is now hanging in the corner…in eye’s view as I work away at my desk.

Last week, I just went into the zone and started slapping paint on canvas in a completely loose and unplanned fashion. I probably never do that. I always have something in mind or a prepared sketch on the canvas because there’s that pressure to create xyz result in the end. I always find it hard to loosen up because playing around usually results in a mess. It’s a lot harder to do on a canvas than an art journal page for whatever reason. But even when I scrapbook or journal…I usually have some plan or course of action in mind…or at least I doodle in a neat manner because I don’t want to make a mess. Is that a Virgo trait? But letting loose just felt so wonderful and I had so much fun creating this mega painting. Normally I work really small or up to a sheet of regular paper size – so these three canvases together (16×16 inches each) is a huge change for me…I went totally BIG! It felt great to have all that room to play with and fill up with color. In the end, it’s just a cute painting…but it makes me so happy, hopeful and…just smile. That’s why I put it up right next to my work area, so I can be reminded of the sweet feeling of loosening up, playing with colors and going BIG. Just had to share my happy feeling of freedom. Could it be the Artist’s Way influence or a natural progression in my journey? Who knows!

Lately, I’ve also been thinking about content on this blog and how I definitely want to share more progress and stories about my work…but does anyone really care?! I think…I’m finally feeling really comfortable sharing whatever I want, but I still wonder what others might be expecting. I figure it would be a win-win if I share what I want…but it also serves others…yeah, it’s me getting all analytical and practical again, huh? The constant quest for purpose! If you could help me out by taking my 1 question poll or just commenting below on what you want to see here on the blog – it would be greatly appreciated. I’m curious to find out the why behind those who follow my blog. What do you see – in me, dare I ask? What are you looking for here? Just plain inspiration? Technique and tutorials? Adventure? Excitement? Drama? LOL 🙂

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