The days are long, but the years are short.
– Gretchen Rubin

There are many days throughout the year that seem to drag on endlessly, especially since I work from home and suffer from lack of connection with fellow peers. But then the year seems to pass by in a flash… way too quickly. How can it be nearly 2016 already? The quote above rings ever so true.

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When I’m feeling overwhelmed and restless, it’s usually because I’m swept away by the current of daily life and unable to stop and do what I really want to do. It’s like being a robot of life and not being satisfied in the end. Just going through the motions to survive. These past years of transitioning from single to married to mom of two little ones now – has really, truly, transformed my life entirely. Duh! Often I find myself thinking and planning but only in my head, not actually being able to have free hands to act upon all those notions.

It can be so damn frustrating.

This time last year I was going through these same kind of feelings and although I know life can never return to the way it was before, I’m still in the progress of finding my way and looking for┬ábalance. We must all navigate our own way!


I started looking back on this blog, searching for something to hold onto and I have repeatedly tried to keep my spirits up and take steps forward even if they are baby steps. I have accomplished many things, even if I feel like it’s not enough… it is something afterall. And that’s better than nothing, right?

I have many responsibilities, so some tasks might take a bit longer than I would like… but possibility is definitely there. Hope is there. However, it all requires work. So my guiding word for 2016 will be “WORK.” Get to work, do the work, work it out and it will work. Yay! Wishing you an amazing, productive and happy new year!┬áDo you have a one little word, guiding your way?

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