This post has been on my mind too long. We’ve been back in Italy for over a week now… but I’m still just getting back into the swing of things and wondering how the holidays and new year have passed by so quickly. I must be getting old. Oif.

The transition back into Italian life has been rough. The constant rain doesn’t help either. I do miss sunny California. I suppose everything seems happier and brighter in all respects, in that kind of light. Maybe I’m just not a winter kind of girl.

But we must make the best of what we’ve got, right? So goodbye, sunny SoCal.

Hello again, Italia. I feel the need to fall in love with you all over again. The cozy smell of fresh espresso – done the right way, the Italian way. Family luncheons that last all afternoon. Fresh pasta, fresh tomatoes and open air markets. Beautiful scenery, historical sites, so much to discover and explore.

Living the slow life. Living a beautiful life… ahh, Italia.

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