This week I would like to share a friendly reminder regarding keeping on top of your publicity and mentions on the web. It’s my marketing take action task for this week, inspired by Leslie Saeta’s 30 day marketing challenge post here. Google alerts sends you updates based on a search term, so you can keep on top of certain topics. I had a few setup, but it was time to clean things up.


The idea is to monitor what is being said about you and your work online. Usually you would setup an alert for your name, business and any topic that is of interest to you. I also setup alerts for those linking to my website.

To take it a step further, you might consider setting up an alert to shadow someone you admire. It might sound a bit freaky, but the idea is to learn where that person or business might be mentioned or spending their time online to promote themselves Рso you can learn from them. It can be very enlightening to do this for one of the gurus in your business or niche. Try it out!

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