I’m certain that all of us on the Internet have noticed the special Google Doodle logos that pop up every once in a while. They change up the logo depending on the date to commemorate someone or celebrate a holiday. It’s pretty darn cool and it always brings a smile to my face. As you go about you daily tasks on the computer, seeing that extra little creative art on the Google homepage… simply inspires. How you can make the ordinary beautiful and educational in some way. Would you consider it inspiration?

Winsor McCay, an American cartoonist and animator is being celebrated today for his well-known comic strip Little Nemo (begun 1905). It’s the first ever interactive comic strip as Google’s Doodle logo… uber cool! You should totally check it out and I’ve screenshot the whole opened up illustration below.

These special Google logos all started very simply in 1998 with the Burning Man logo, but as you can see that now they are full blown illustrations and even interactive! You can see the whole archive of Google Doodles and I hope it brings you a bit of joy and inspiration. The logos certainly inspire me while I do my normal Googling. 🙂 Enjoy!

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