Gratitude printable stationery

When Thanksgiving rolls around each year, I’m always reminded to give thanks for all that I have. I know we should be grateful every single day of our lives, but life gets busy and it’s easy to overlook as we go through the hustle and bustle of daily life. That’s why I believe a gratitude practice is so important! However, I used to just list a few things as my gratitude journaling for the day or week. Over time this was really repetitive and didn’t seem to sink in very much.

For my list lovers out there, I realize it’s fun to make lists and easier to do so, but I have realized that the true value of practicing gratitude lies in the details – the “journaling” part of things.

I decided to design a gratitude stationery paper to help us all write a bit more detail when it comes to journaling our gratitude. The idea is to not only write “what” you are grateful for… but also the “whys.” I learned this from Marie Forleo’s video here and I think it’s a powerful way to really sink into the idea of gratitude.

Gratitude Paper Printable

Download Gratitude Paper LETTER PDF | Download Gratitude Paper A4 PDF

When I decided to design a printable for Thanksgiving, I started with an autumn color themed printable, but I realized that it was a bit too classic and available already. Instead, this black and white printable is printer-friendly and great for gratitude journaling as well as letterwriting in general. It’s a win-win!

Let me know if you enjoy this printable design and what you think about gratitude journaling that is not just about listmaking. Sign-up for my weekly newsletter if you would like to be updated on my new posts, designs and shop releases.

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