[UPDATE: Comments closed, giveaway ended 2011/05/25]

To celebrate with the Sew, Mama, Sew May Giveaway event…I am contributing a handmade leather journal to one lucky blog commenter! This is a lovely luscious leather journal around 15cm by 21cm in size. The leather is a rich, dark brown color, super-duper soft to the touch with a cardstock lining for extra support. There are 96 pages of Fabriano ivory paper, sewn in with black cotton thread, ready for your journaling and doodling pleasure. There’s plenty of room to add ephemera as well, with a wraparound flap and braided mixed ribbon closure to keep everything together and safe from the elements. I think of it as a Victorian romantic style journal and the definition of “journal” is actually printed on the opening page. The last page has the phrase “create fearlessly” printed on it …hopefully to inspire and get you journaling!

Although bookmaking might seem like an exact science, I actually take a very organic approach to creating my leather journals. Each piece of leather has a style to it and rugged shape. I use it to direct me in creating a unique handmade journal…that will collect the thoughts and doodles of journalers like you. I love the rustic, rugged look, often using the raw edges of the leather piece as part of the journal. The ribbon closures have singed edges, hand-braided loosely to incorporate into the organic style of the journal. I always have a romantic sense in mind when finishing my journals because it is such a precious and important tool for many of us, collecting our thoughts, feelings and sometimes secret emotions. I’m always imagining old fashioned quill pens, scrawling in love confessions and such on the pages – oh how my imagination runs away!

I effectively “save” leather from being ground up or thrown away…because I use only remainder pieces from the leather producing companies here in Tuscany. Perfectly beautiful pieces of leather that just happens to be extra from client orders or test colors. Every time leather is made for clients (who order thousands of square meters at a time), many batches are created to ensure they get the exact texture or color for the particular product in mind. So that means a lot of extra batches that I can rescue from becoming ground up or thrown away. The leather pieces I use are truly one of a kind and unique…and I especially love the experiment batches!

This journal giveaway let’s me share a piece of “my Italia” with you, lovely leather and handmade goodness straight from the Tuscan hills of Italy.


Just comment below for a chance to win – I will pick a random commenter – open to everyone in the world! If you can’t wait for the giveaway, please do check out my Etsy shop to buy one for yourself or as a gift to a dear friend. I would really appreciate your support! Now go on and check out all the other giveaways for this event! Good luck to all – ciao ciao!