Is that a long enough title for you? Well, it’s warranted because the point is to consolidate and make one thing serve multiple purposes. When we have limited time, we have to optimize, right?

LTieu planner1

Planners seem to be the trendy hot thing these days and there are many beautiful ones out in the market. I decided to go DIY and make myself a custom planner, tailored to my purposes. It’ll allow me to get creative, while serving my own specific needs. I used black leather for the outside cover and just wrapped around some chipboard. The inside of the covers are lined with a brown leather and it’s all held together with some little book rings.

LTieu planner2

I designed my own monthly calendar pages and decided to get crafty and decorate with all the pretty scrapbooking papers in my stash. It’s time to actually use my supplies rather than hoard them!

LTieu planner3

Since I use a digital calendar for actual appointment keeping (way easier to maintain, share and edit) – this paper version is really for memory keeping reasons. It’s about capturing glimpses of my daily life – something to be kept even after the year is finished.

LTieu planner4

Obviously, I don’t have everything worked out yet, as I’m not sure how to combine┬ámy daily routine notes with scrapbooking with art journaling and whatever else goes through my mind. It’ll definitely evolve along the way, which I think is natural.

LTieu planner5

Do you use a paper planner or journal? What do you use it for and what do you include or exclude?

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