After making another copy of the first issue of Pensieri on Art Journaling, I got to thinking about how fun it is to make each issue and how the content helps to inspire readers. I certainly love binding completely blank journals as well, but when there’s content inside…it seems more intriguing and interesting. I wonder about how people might respond to the words and imagery…and overall the process is more enjoyable.

From those thoughts, I decided to create prompted leather journals to gives folks a jumpstart in exploring their creativity. A quote here or a prompt there gives a nice nudge while still providing plenty of space for drawing and writing. I don’t think I’ve shared photos here on the blog, so here’s a peek…each journal is handmade with a different piece of leather and you can find out more in my Etsy shop.

I had created something similar as a gift, so simply expanded the idea. It’s a handmade leather journal to help you create fearlessly! Check it out and let me know what you think. While creating this journal, I was certainly battling with how much content to add, before it became too much. So I decided to start small and slowly build up. Eventually, I would like to create a sort of mixed media journal of discoveries, with splattered paint, random ephemera and inspiring words. Would it be too much or just so much cooler? Hmm…

Otherwise, I’ve been busy finishing up the sixth issue of Pensieri all about Gustav Klimt. There are so many stories behind his artworks and each painting is like a feast for the eyes. I am so inspired…although after learning more, I found that I like his style from the later years…more than all the famous golden phase artworks. It’s really amazing to study artists and see how they have progressed throughout an entire lifetime of art.

This week I’ve also been quite busy planning for our family’s mega trip to the USA in August. Lots of bookings and checking of locations to see if they allow dogs. Yup, we are bringing our baby furball, Vash with us. How could we leave him behind, right? Oh yeah, I also created a quick gardening journal, as you see Vash checking it out below! Now I’m off to dive into some free painting studio time… in attempts to loosen up more… ciao ciao!

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