A quick little digital illustration to wish you a very happy halloween today. I’ll be dressing up vicariously through my Westie pup, Vash… he’s going to be a pea in a pod…hehe…not sure if he actually agreed, but there’s a party to attend afterall!

There are quite a few people here in Italy who oppose the whole tradition because of possible Satanic origins and the like. In our little town, there have been discussions and hubbub, especially since dressing up and trick ‘o treating is a new thing that parents are letting their kids participate in anyway. I don’t think everyone is well informed about the true origins of Halloween and ultimately it depends on your particular intention. Our local priest gave a talk and probably scared a lot of folks. Sigh.

I think of Halloween as a commercial holiday. An excuse to dress up, have fun with friends, eat lots of candy and tromp around. It doesn’t mean much more than fun times… so I say go party and be happy!

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