Do you have go-to happy music that you turn to when you are blue? The type of songs that immediately make you feel upbeat. Playing a happy track can easily boost my mood and I desperately need help in that arena these days.


I really want to revamp my playlist and clean up my digital files… a personal project that have been triggered by a lot of deep thinking lately. My life has changed so much this past year and I’ve lost so much of myself in the process of trying to learn how to be a regular ‘ole mom (let’s not even get into how to be the best mom possible). No matter how much I try to balance things out, I feel consumed by this new role I must play. Suffice to say I feel insufficient a lot of the times.

A friend of mine suggested perhaps it’s all hormonal. That is why I feel out of sorts. I can’t be in control of everything. True dat! Today I decided to delete music from my library and keep only the happy music. I used to scour the web for up and coming indie bands because I love discovering new music. I used to have a blog specifically for music! But I’ve lost the time for that hobby and want to somehow bring music back into my daily life. I need happy music… like this…

Have any other suggestions for me?

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