Especially when the new year rolls around, there are countless folks recounting the success and failures of the past year. Resolutions are usually based on what did or didn’t happen. I’ve been catching up on my blog reading here and there, most definitely congratulating those who acknowledge their success and growth.

We are always quick to beat ourselves down for failures, but what about all the successes that should be celebrated? Not just actual accomplishments, but also the learning and progress that comes with living your life. Do you spend just as much time celebrating as you do beating yourself down emotionally or lamenting? I hope it’s more celebration, because that energy seems to push me forward even more.┬áIt’s not only important to acknowledge your success for an emotional reason, it’s probably productive as well!

I’m taking some time to look back at my year and review what I have done, what I will continue and what I will work towards. More importantly, I’m going to take some time to toast myself as well. Celebrate and acknowledge the success and growth of a year’s time. It makes me happy to think about it.

Have you ever thought of making a success list or a book of successes? It would be such a fabulous thing to look through at the end of the year. Instead of a list of to do’s, why not a list of hell yeah, I’ve done it?!

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