Bad company, mean people and general downers in life… why not avoid them? In The Artist’s Way, there’s a whole lesson about getting those energy-sucking people out of your life. If you can’t totally get rid of them, just avoid them when possible. I suppose the idea is to not let negativity get to you. Whether it’s a person, event, thing or thought…

I realize that there is the counter argument or not living in a bubble and being too oblivious. Perhaps we must face the reality of real life and be strong through it all. But, I think there is a difference between being aware and choosing to not dwell. Rather than sinking down and wallowing in the bad.

It makes such a huge difference when you consciously avoid negativity or work past it to greener pastures.

When I think back about my personal experiences, there are days when I’m feeling depressed and down. I was obviously led down that spiral of hate and pity in my own mind. Even when none of the cold hard facts have changed, I don’t feel the desperation now. So it is all in the mind.

I have to remind myself to avoid negativity in all situations and not let myself get sucked in. From the smallest things, to the biggest things in life.

BTW, today is January 6th, La Befana holiday here in Italy. It’s the true end to the Christmas holiday season, when kids get their stockings of goodies. Not to mention the sales start now 🙂

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