I’ve been busy these days with family from America, but wanted to reflect a bit on my post last week. I wrote about the greater good and how we all contribute in our own way, in making this world a better place. It’s definitely a focus on how our actions ripple out to others. There’s this feeling that ultimately it’s all “bigger” than just me and you. That “greater good” idea.

It got me thinking about the complete opposite situation as well. My pondering usually does flip back and forth between the extremes, when exploring a topic. What about being good to ourselves and not thinking that it’s selfish, petty or insignificant in respect to large world events? Self-interest.

Often, we try to find some excuse or valid reason or permission to be good to ourselves. To seek out our desires and wants. The catch-all is that being good to ourselves, makes us happier and then we can do good for others. Because there’s this negativity that goes with self-interest.

But it’s survival instinct, so why shame it? Our ego helps us to achieve so many things, so it’s important to feed it, right?

In hedonistic fashion, why not seek out more pleasure and try to reduce pain? Why is that not a wonderfully beautiful way to live? Think about the good… for you!

Happy holidays to everyone! I wish you a lovely holiday season…

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