Often we hear of unconditional love and how it seems to be the ultimate feeling of affection. Regardless of any flaws, you are loved…

But I would like to celebrate the idea of pure love instead. Just love. There’s seems to be a negative connotation that goes with the term unconditional love. That despite xyz… I love you anyway. I don’t like that. I love all that you are, no exceptions or discounts. Everything.

I think it’s an important point to note because when I think about my love for my family… it’s not simply accepting all that they. No matter what other people might think, it’s just the way things are and it’s all good to me. I embrace it all.

I think the distinction matters, because often there is a hint of shaming that comes along with certain proclamations – “I love you even if you’re ______.”

Know what I mean?

My happy thought for today is realizing that there’s no need to say things like that. It’s just love. Pure and simple. I love you, you love me… we all love simply. And that’s that. Here’s a little lovely art print I found…

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