Grand gestures of kindness in our society might be thought of as charity, donations, and volunteer work. Even online there are movements such as RAK (random acts of kindness). Kindness is clearly an important aspect of living.

I think that we are naturally driven to help out and be kind to others because it contributes to our own happiness. I know it might seem  self-serving, but we all have experienced it. You often get recognition from others for your acts of kindness, whatever form they might be in. But I think even without external recognition, you acknowledge it to yourself and that counts, too.  Doesn’t it make you happier to know you did some good?

So let’s make it a point to practice kindness regularly. Sure, there are big things and big projects that you could take on. But what about the little things in everyday life?

Clean out the coffee machine for everyone. Put a love note on the bathroom mirror. Hold the door or elevator for someone. Smile and say good morning to people passing by. Pick up that stray piece of trash and toss it in the bin. Leave that pile of stuff organized and neatly in order. Bring donuts for everyone at work. Share something. Compliment someone. Be kind. It can be the smallest little thing.

What are your ideas for acts of kindness? I bet it’ll make you just a bit happier today.

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