“I have got to make everything that has happened to me good for me.
– Oscar Wilde

Find the bright side of things, I often have to tell myself. It really helps me to actually say it out loud! A bit of a verbal shake down, to step back and take a deep breath on whatever the situation might be.

By default we tend to get defensive, angry and/or into self pity, when things have gone wrong or differently than expected. It happens to me all the time – I’m a “don’t like surprises” kind of girl – a virgo – a stubborn close-minded type at times. Yes, I admit it. However, I have learned to literally stop everything. I prevent myself from going down or continuing down that negative spiral.

I know that lots of things will happen in my life…good and bad. However, even in the bad there’s a chance to learn and grow from the experience.  I love that Oscar Wilde quote… because it takes it a step further… not just acknowledging and accepting that things are not always rosey. But actually turning everything upside down and changing your perspective to find the good. Find that silver lining.

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