My world has been sort of rocked by the Smart Creative Style e-course with Monica Lee. Despite the fact that I’ve fallen behind more than once (juggling work, motherhood and everything else) – I’ve still come to realization that I’m all over the place and need a serious style redirection!


Slowly but surely, I’m peeling away the layers and learning so much about myself. Looking back on what I’ve done and trying to be more strategic about what I will do in the future.


What do I really truly like? How should I be directing and “styling” my efforts? It’s not just regarding my artwork style, but my lifestyle as well – everything about me really. Am I honoring myself in all that I do? Does xyz effort align with my core values? What are my core values?!


Yup, lots of questions to be answered. But thinking about all these topics has helped to push me forward into a season of change. You might have noticed that I’m already starting to shut down my other blogs and consolidate here.

It seems that every so often, I go through one of these transformation periods of my life. Rather than gradual change, I need to just shake it up and start afresh. This time around it’s taking longer to put into action, but it’ll happen. I’m excited to move forward and feeling good about it. When something feels good, then I know that it’s best to trust myself and go for it.

I’ll be revamping my web presence, revising all my products and relaunching soon. All this before I leave for Christmas vacation… is it possible?

Well, it’s a challenge alright. Issued and taken. Wish me luck!





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