Honeys Slim Pickins Challenge Video

I’m a fan of watching creative youtube videos and even more so when they actually inspired you to take action! I’ve always been a fan of Ali Brown and decided to join in on her challenge #honeysslimpickins as well.

My son, Christopher, is 4 years old and home for Easter break, so I asked him to pick out 5 items for mama to play with! The idea is to create something with the random supplies chosen by your honey!

It was definitely a fun experience and HUGE props to anyone who does video. It takes an enormous amount of time to record, edit and voiceover! I apologize for the thousand times I say “um” and “so”! Here’s my video:

But I seriously enjoyed the process and like the page that I ended up with – unexpected, but it is what it is! Made me think about how this challenge is so much like real life – you are dealt whatever hand (junky or not) but you have to work with it anyway. There’s a beauty in our thinking and unique choices… so let’s create!

Check out Ali’s original video explaining the whole concept of the challenge here. You can also subscribe to my youtube channel here.

Thanks for watching!

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