As my cravings grew stronger, I was soon compelled to write a love letter…to my dearest coffee and make it a scrapbook page.

Here’s what I wrote:

Dear Coffee,

I have tried to let you go, substituting my mornings with a variety of other liquid refreshments for a change. But I really miss you and I’ve come to realize that resistance is futile. I need and want to drink you, my dear coffee. I long for you every morning and as the weather turns cooler, I miss your warmth even more. You might be my drug for life, but why should I be denied something so simple and wonderful?

I should not have acted so rashly, wanting to rid you from my life in attempts to be healthier. In fact, I have since learned that you are not so unhealthy after all. You give me positive health benefits in fact…with relatively few drawbacks. Oh my wonderful coffee, what have I done?

I really adore you so…

– I look forward to you every morning

– you make me more alert and boost my ability to concentrate

– you have a protective effect on my central nervous system

– you lower the risk of diabetes, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s amongst other issues

– you actually contain some good vitamins and minerals

You are more good than bad, when consumed in moderation. You are my beautiful, warm, soothing, wonderful, delicate, enjoyable, smooth, flavorful, satisfying, magical stimulant. You are an important part of my life, so I surrender myself to you, my dear coffee. I am sorry to have betrayed you. Please take me back. Please accept my love and devotation from this moment forward.

forever yours,


October 2011

I used my coffee illustrations as stickers and created the page digitally, then I printed it out on canvas paper – very cool texture. Then put it all together on kraft paper with old school golden photo corners. Super simple layout that truly reveals how I feel at the moment. In withdrawal 🙁


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