This month I’m participating in LOAD, which is to create a scrapbooking layout every day for the whole month. Today was about having good taste and I decided to create a page about my love for pizza. I did a bit of scraplifting for the design of a page I saw in the 2ps gallery because I just love the punched out hearts and various patterns that showed through in the design.

The banner title came from a tutorial I saw from Papertrey Ink – pretty darn cool! I just had to try it on something, so came in handy for my title. I love how it looks popped up a bit and it’s totally simple to do as well.

I spent a whole lot of time punching hearts and arranging them this way and that, then changing my mind again. Lots of wasted time. I finally just had to start gluing things down to move forward.

Of course, I was in a rush to finish and accidentally dropped my craft knife on my pinky finger in the process. Slight injury, but nothing major. However, I couldn’t help but think of it as a bad omen for the month – eek!

Here’s all the journaling and the really funny thing is that we are having pizza tonight – LOL!

I’ve always loved pizza, before ever knowing anything about the country of Italy. As a kid, I would beg my parents to order pizza for dinner. I even had the whole explanation about pizza having all the 4 food groups if you count tomatoes as a fruit. I would glady eat it for any meal without issue.

Flash forward, now I live in Italy and can have as much pizza as I want. We often have pizza party nights at home, ordering in and I’m never hesitant to snack on some yummy crust and baked goodness. In fact, sometimes it’s breakfast – the crunchier the crust the more I love it. I’ve also discovered a whole new genre of pizza’s cousin food, la schiacciata ripiena!

A prominent component of our everyday cuisine, I’ve learned that pizza and Italian cuisine in general is quite simple and direct. They don’t exaggerate with crazy combinations. I think Italy is all about living well and eating well – simple and hearty everyday foods. There’s no need to be fancy, to be extremely good. And of course, ordering pizza makes dinner a snap! 😛 I’ll have pizza any night.

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