I’m a huge fan of the Heartmade blog by Mayi Carles and for 2013 she put out a call for help to promote her Life is Messy bootcamp. I immediately thought of my default girl illustration writing out the message “I’m Messy and I Know It” – so here’s the final product!


LTieu Messy And I Know It

I used my Wacom tablet (finally, getting more practice instead of scanning!) and really love the result. Drawing how I want to draw and just following my heart. Just like Marisa from Creative Thursday, Mayi helped me to learn that cute can be professional and successful. I used to be plagued by misconceptions, thinking I had to be serious and grown-up to be taken seriously. But it was all wrong, because it just wasn’t the authentic me.

Now that I follow my heart and create freely, I’m a much happier and more successful person. Funny how things work out. Thank you, Universe! I thought it would be nice to give back to the community, so please take advantage of this free art printable. Declare your messiness and know that it is a-okay! Be yourself and thrive! I hope you enjoy and don’t hesitate to Tweet or Facebook share – I would really appreciate it.

Let’s rock 2013 together!

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