I had to blog about this as registration is now open…

The lovely Monica Lee from Smart Creative Women is running a brand new class called Smart Creative Style and I’m taking it – yippee!

I’m definitely pumped up about it – so ready to dive into the discovery of my own unique style – from artwork to writing to creations in general. It’s all about finding my unique essence that defines all that I do and create.


It’s funny how small the world can seem with the power and connection of the Internet. I had been following and enjoying Monica’s video interview show on Smart Creative Women and reached out to her on a whim. We connected over email and I started helping her with little WordPress and techy tasks. From there it has flourished into an ongoing professional relationship, but we also chat as friends over Skype – about the art industry, entrepreneurial-ship and motherhood! I’m a new mom, so it’s nice to ask someone with experience about random things!

Suffice to say, I totally love Monica’s style and real-world, yet fun approach, so I’m anxious to dive into her course when it starts Sept. 24th. 

There’s also an amazing line-up of contributors – amazing successful entrepreneurs that I look up to…


It’s a bit dorky, but I can’t wait to get back to school in September. I’m always thirsting to learn and I think it’s important to keep up your education, no matter where you are in the journey of your career and ambitions.

Are you needing to find your creative style? Or maybe you just want to embark on a fun journey of self-discovery and rebranding? Check out Smart Creative Style and see if it’s right for you! Hope to see you in class, ciao ciao!


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