A common view in the old towns here in Italy…seemingly infinite rooftops going on and on…


I am loving the creation of repeating of patterns and experimenting with variations. For this rooftop pattern, I keep tinkering with the sizes and window placements.  I know it’s been done before, but still fun to do your own.  Maybe I can print some fabric from this as well!  Here are a bunch of color variations I created. What do you think?

20090925infiniterooftopstan20090925infiniterooftopspurple20090925infiniterooftopsgreen20090925infiniterooftopsblueInfinite possibilities of infinite rooftops! This pattern is also my last minute entry for Illustration Friday – infinite theme. I’ve been busy and distracted with so many other things this week, but it’s nice to stop and just do something else – not on my list of to do’s!

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