The end of the year brings about a whole lot of mixed feelings for me. Definitely a lot of gratitude for the successes of 2012. Looking back on all that has happened and how far I’ve come. However, there’s still some worry if it’ll all work out in 2013. Even some guilt for not accomplishing certain goals and not finishing certain projects. For falling short in one area of another in life.


It’s easy to trap oneself into the limbo trap of not being about to close out the year and skip happily into a fresh new year with open arms. I’ve found that it’s extremely important to have closure…yeah, a bit like relationships. Make peace with all that has happened in 2012. I’m definitely taking some review time to look back and ultimately, be proud. Sure there’s a whole lot of stuff you want to get done in the coming year. I’m using The Creative¬†Entrepreneur¬†Toolkit to help me prepare with organization and style.

But I’m also closing out the year by patting myself on the back for a job well done. We all have to cheer ourselves onward, so that we can step into the new year with confidence. Forward… onward… be proud of yourself. There’s a great post by Susannah Conway about being proud of yourself and feeling awesome. I hope it can help you close out 2012 and step into 2013 refreshed. Let’s thrive!

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