Recently I watched an episode of MarieTV, where Marie Forleo was interviewing Steven Pressfield about his new book, Turning Pro (Amazon link).

There’s a lot of good discussion in the video, but the part that struck a chord in me the most was about putting yourself on the line and committing seriously. That’s when you are a pro… because you consider yourself on that path. We often shy away from commitment because of the fear of failure.  There’s also the wise-guy statement of “Well, if I had really gotten into it, I would have been successful.” It’s all bull and we all know it.

But when we commit to something with all our heart, then it’s serious. It’s real. You get energy from the declaration itself and although it can be a bit of uncomfortable pressure, it will keep you moving forward. We’ve all experienced the feeling in our lives. When you commit yourself to something and have taken on the responsibility, it seems as if the Universe and stars start to align in your favor.

There is great power in simply declaring your intentions. Which is why we often hear the advice of putting things in writing and telling people about your plans, so there is accountability. Whether your passions are big and life changing or simply a little twist you want to add into your routine, think about truly and fully committing to your dreams. You need that mindset in order to propel yourself into taking action.

Incidentally, Monica from Smart Creative Women just released a crash course called Smart Creative Dreaming, exactly on point in regards to committing to your dream and going for it. Have you been putting things off and making excuses for yourself?

Let’s be inspired together and go pro with our dreams! I created the little inspiration graphic above as I’m working on a secret project for ALL of you. It will be revealed Xmas 2012 and I’ve definitely committed myself! And guess what? It feels good.

Watch out for sneak peeks as I progress forward and don’t forget to sign-up for my newsletter to get the inside scoop.

Now what about you? Are you ready to go pro with your dreams?

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