Even during the happy holiday season there can be ups and downs, but I always try to find inspiration and look to the brighter side no matter what. I recently saw the music video for George Michael’s single titled, December Song (I Dreamed of Christmas) and it touched me so much.  The aesthetic of the music video first attracted me because I always love animated and illustrated stories, but if you read the lyrics you’ll find the poetry and meaning in the song as well.

The idea that every year is a new year, believing in peace and dreaming of better days always holds true for me. As a whole, I think the song is about finding that happy place, so no matter what happens you can move forward and look towards better days. There’s always a new beginning…perhaps Christmas time and the end of year just brings out that feeling a bit in everyone. I love how these dreams and fantastical worlds can be so well conveyed in illustration, because you can just draw it – whatever’s in your mind. I hope you find this video as inspiring and touching as I did, happy Monday to all!

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