Happy Monday folks! It’s definitely been a crazy few days with the Iceland volcano erupting. Travel interruptions, hotels fully booked, car rentals all gone…pretty crazy here in Europe. We don’t live in a big city area, but there’s enough news about the whole issue to cause lots of worry. I mentioned before that my brother is one of those travelers stuck in Holland – impromptu vacation, right? This whole situation is a great lesson in the power of nature. I was thinking no matter how¬†technologically advanced we get, there will always be something out of our control. We have to be able to adapt with nature and go with the flow. I started to ponder the great power of nature, so scary – but also the delicate and vulnerable side at the same time. Nature is all around us, even if you live in the big city – there are plants around, birds chirping and always the sky is above you. It would seem obvious that our environment becomes a huge area of inspiration for all of us, no matter if we write, dance, paint or whatever…

This past weekend our family was able to visit a very nice agriturismo in the area to try out the food. Besides having a fabulous Sunday lunch with our loved ones, we also had a huge dose of nature. I’m no expert in photography, but I like the hobby enough to lug around my Nikon D60 everywhere to capture the moments. I take photos for many different reasons and I take a lot of photos – thank you to digital photography and a giant 16 gig memory card!

For scrapbooking, I take photos to remember the times, to preserve and tell the story of our lives. I also take a lot of photos to use as reference for drawing, to study the shape and forms around us on a 2D surface. Finally, I also take photos because I like to capture interesting views…especially when it comes to nature all around us.

I know there are a million photos of wildflowers out there and I’ve taken countless photos of wildflowers myself. But I still keep taking pictures of them, because it makes me happy to do so and somehow I seem to see and feel something different each time. BTW, you might want to check out Creative Tech’s Fundamentals of Digital Photography – it’s a free course to watch live or you can buy the videos to watch anytime and learn more about photography. I took all these photos this weekend, looking at the details and little elements of nature around us. We also had the privilege of seeing a wild boar mama with her little piglets…how darn cute are they?!

So besides using photographs as direct reference or for collaging material, I also think the process of photographing inspires. Capturing a moment in time…it makes you stop and really look at that one moment. Our lives seem to be getting busier and busier and photography definitely helps to slow myself down a bit. I hope you enjoyed some of these weekend photos I’ve shared and perhaps you’ll take a slow and closer look at your environment for inspiration. Have a great Monday!

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