I have a love-hate relationship with the Italian postal service.

First of all, I absolutely love receiving old-fashioned written correspondence because it means so much more when someone has taken the time and effort to write manually. Even though I appreciate digital forms of communication for the convenience and speed, nothing beats holding that envelope in hand, feeling the texture of the paper, inspecting the stamps and date marks and finally opening up the mail to reveal the precious contents within.  It’s a beautiful thing that makes me appreciate and love the postal service.

However, I soon realized that the Italian postal service is not very speedy and sometimes loses mail. Although, I suppose I cannot confirm that anything has been lost as it may still be on its way to me…one day…maybe. I never had any issues in the States, so it was quite a shock to lose my confidence in mail order delivery. I was really shocked during August vacation when everyone – including the postman – went on vacation.  Yup, major delay in mail delivery. Thus, I hate the postal service because it can take months for something to arrive, if ever.


In trying to see the cup as half-full instead of half-empty, I admit that when I do receive mail, it is even more wonderful and pleasantly surprising. For example, today I found the latest issue of MixTape in my mailbox.  Score! I usually purchase digital copies of zines because that ensures delivery, but I had won a hard copy after listening to the interview of editor/publisher, Justine Telfer, on a CraftSanity podcast.  I really like MixTape because it provides articles pertaining to the craft community with some music and eco/green topics thrown into the mix.  It’s also very well designed and I always learn something new. Moving forward they will be upgrading to a bigger format, so I am definitely looking forward to new issues.

Shout out to both MixTape and CraftSanity for the giveaway – I appreciate it very much.  Isn’t it lovely that zines and podcasts exist to help inspire all of us?  I also listen to CraftyPod and Art Biz Blog podcasts as well as read ArtTrader Magazine, Ten Two Studios The Monthly Muse, Pikaland’s Good To Know, and most recently found Parasol Craft. Do you know of other inspirational zines and podcasts?

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