The temperature dropped to 3° C the other morning. Yikes! Even though I was still snuggled up in bed, I was just not ready for the arrival of Winter weather. I do not like the cold and I can readily use the chills as an excuse for bad productivity and low motivation. Yes, I am irrational. It’s my Southern California girl heart bursting out… how can I live in such cold weather?!

After sulking around a bit, I mellowed out and realized that I was focusing on the negative. I needed to change my perspective and think about all the cozy, happy things that make me love Winter. Here’s a list of inspiration that helped me to see the bright side…

  • Neil Pasricha: The 3 A’s of awesome TED talk perked me up in general. Life IS awesome.
  • The holidays and family gatherings are always wonderful – must remember that.
  • Found cute blog The Ink Nest for a visual feast of design and illustration. Surf the Internet when it’s old outside.
  • Comfort food and anything warm can be so satisfying. Yummers!
  • So many beautiful home decor ideas for Xmas on Pinterest. Time to get crafty…
  • Wearing boots makes me happy because they are stylish and not high-heeled. Winter footwear love.
  • The cold gives me a great excuse to snuggle up with a warm drink and read on my Kindle. Now it’s really socially acceptable to stay indoors all day long. I’m a homebody after all. Just bought the ebook Smalltopia and pre-ordered Marisa’s book – Creative Thursday Everyday Inspiration to Grow Your Creative Practice.
  • Looking forward to all the winter events in Italy and beautiful lights in the medieval towns. Lucca Comics, the Truffle Festival in San Miniato and the Xmas markets.

I guess Winter can be sort of cool after all. Perhaps I can slowly learn to love the cold weather. Find inspiration even if it’s nippy. 

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