I’ve been thinking about my creative routines and I honestly can’t say that I’m super consistent. I always vacillate between periods of high productivity and other periods of being a bit down, tired or unmotivated. I suppose, life is never a one note song… maybe it’s insane for me to expect a regular schedule for myself. It’s a waste of effort to doubt myself between the ups and downs… why can’t it just be my way of doing things, right? If it’s just the way I function, what’s the problem? Isn’t it okay to NOT be creating 24/7?

These past couple days, I’ve actually been revitalized in starting some new projects for clients and working on my own rebranding. Looking back at my accomplishments reminded me of how far I’ve come on this creative path. There’s still a lot of road ahead of me, but I’m taking it a step at a time. I chatted with Monica from Smart Creative Women and she gave me such great insight regarding my online presences. All this time I’ve been trying to compartmentalize my varied interests and blogs, thinking that it would make more sense to separate them for different audiences. But the result has been a fragmented representation of me in the digital world. Often my readers are surprised to learn that I also do web design or that I scrapbook and design digital products. There’s a disconnect and I’m realizing that people don’t see the breadth and depth of who I truly am.

I’ve had to remind myself that my varied interests are not a weakness at all. They  make me who I am and allow me to create what I create.  I really need to embrace ME and the path that my creative life is taking me on. So I’m busily working on rebranding all my websites.

Below are some inspiring links that have opened up my eyes recently. I hope that they can inspire you and your creative life for the better as well.

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